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Last Day – European Maccabi Games

Team Bronze

On the last day of the European Maccabi Games, Team Canada’s youth basketball did it again and won against Turkey 64 to 51.  Our thanks go out to coaches Andre and Vlad who led the boys to a Bronze medal. Sean, Eli, Enrique, Jordan, Liam, Evan, Matt, David and Sammy, you played a great game!Medal ceremonies took place throughout the day and in addition to having a memorable experience, many talented athletes took home a souvenir from this outstanding sporting competition.

These Games were a unique and emotional experience.  Being a part of the largest Jewish event to take place in Berlin since World War II, visiting a concentration camp and meeting Holocaust survivors, marching into a stadium in which Hitler once sat and Jews were banned from competing in, were all a testament to the triumph of the Jewish spirit and the international Jewish community and family that Maccabi is.

We are all now safe at home and are looking forward to the next Maccabi adventure.

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Day 8 European Maccabi Games

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What a great day for Team Canada at the European Maccabi Games.
After putting up a good fight against the Israeli team yesterday, the boys were back on the court today and defeated Team Great Britain 80 to 71 in a very close game.  This important win placed Canada in the Bronze medal game tomorrow against Turkey.Today we experienced the hottest day at the games with a temperature in the high 30’s,  which made it tough on our golfers.  Nevertheless, Team Canada swept the podium at the golf course with our athletes winning Gold (Jeremy), Silver (Alan) and Bronze (David) in the individual events and a team Gold medal.
A Bronze medal for our basketball team would mean that every athlete on Team Canada medaled at the European Maccabi Games.Tonight the team enjoyed an exhibition basketball game between the Maccabi Tel Aviv veterans and Alba Berlin, which also combined a select group of athletes from the Games. The game was played in front of a sold out crowd despite the hot temperatures.It is hard to believe that almost ten days have gone by and that tomorrow the team will participate in the closing ceremony of these monumental Games.  After the party we will be packing our bags and heading to the airport, and though we do not want this experience to end, we are looking forward to seeing everyone at home.


Day 5 European Maccabi Games

Shabbat DinnerAnother fabulous day at the Golf course and in the pool.  Our golfers are holding steady as the number one team and are doing great individually, leading the competition.  (Jeremy 81, Alan 83 and David 84).Apparently we had the wrong results for yesterday’s swim competition.  Yesterday Eddy won a Gold in 100 back, a Gold with the mixed relay team and a Silver in 100 fly.  Today was another golden day at the pool as Eddy placed first in the 200 IM.Our basketball team sustained a few injuries and was defeated by the Americans.We are done with competitions for the week, our athletes will enjoy a well-deserved rest over Shabbat.  Right after a meaningful Shabbat service for the 600 juniors at the Games, a 3,000 person, Guinness record breaking Shabbat dinner was attempted by the Organizing Committee tonight.  A delicious dinner, a cheerful atmosphere and an overwhelming number of people created an unforgettable experience.  Team Canada just might be a part of that Guinness achievement, we will know tomorrow after the final count.Tomorrow, we rest.  For now, Shabbat Shalom from Berlin!For a video of Shabbat dinner click HERE.For pictures from day 5 click HERE.


Day 4 European Maccabi Games

Team Canada Basketball vs TurkeyOur fourth day started bright and early at the golf course.  Our golfers did great ranking first (Jeremy 77), second (David 80) and fourth (Alan 85). At the pool Eddy won 2 silvers (100 fly and 100 back) and a bronze for the relay where he teamed up with swimmers from GB and South Africa.  Though our basketball team was unable to defeat the Turkish team, they fought hard and played well in what was a very close game.  Tomorrow is the last day of the swim competition and the golfers will be back at the golf course.  Our basketball team will meet team USA first thing in the morning for what is sure to be an exciting North American game.
On Friday evening Team Canada will attend Shabbat dinner in which the Organizing Committee is trying to achieve a Guinness record for holding the world’s largest Shabbat dinner.  The current record stands on just over 2,000 people and there are close to 2,300 people at the Games.Wish us luck!For today’s pictures click HERE


Day 3 European Maccabi Games

Canadian and German teams pre-game

While Canada is enjoying hot summer days, the temperature in Berlin started in the single digits and climbed to a high of 20.
Wednesday started at the pool for Team Canada, with a great swim by Eddy Lang who placed 4th in the 50m butterfly.  Eddy will be back in the pool tomorrow morning.  The swimming competition is taking place at the Olympic Park, a masterful Nazi creation.  As we were walking around the park we took a minute to fully appreciate how multiple International flags, including the Israeli flag and other Maccabi symbols are decorating the impressive buildings once used to serve Nazi propaganda.
From the Olympic Park we went to Sporthalle Charlottenburg to watch our youth basketball team take over Team Germany with an amazing final score of 70:21 to Canada.  What a great start to the tournament for our boys!
Tomorrow is the first day of competition for the Canadian golfers, we wish them luck!
Last night’s opening ceremonies were covered extensively around the world, here is some of the Canadian coverage:
Jewish Athletes Proud to Compete at European Games in Berlin Toronto Sun, Mike Koreen
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Day 2 European Maccabi Games


Juniors tour  opening ceremonies berlin dOpening Ceremonies Berlin 2015

Today was a very emotional day at the Games.  The day started with a visit to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp for the juniors.  The visit included a presentation and a question period with one of the Camp’s survivors, a guided tour throughout the enormous complex which encompassed the camp, and a memorial service for the victims of the camp.
Standing on the same land where such atrocities took place was an emotional and a meaningful experience.Another memorial service was held at the same time at the Olympic Park for the Open and Masters participants.  This too, was a very emotional ceremony with a remarkable speech given by Germany’s Minister of Justice who expressed the deep regret that the German people feel about that chapter in their history.  A 94 year old survivor spoke and left not one dry eye.The entire delegation met at the athlete gathering area and together awaited the opening ceremonies.  Speakers included German politicians and community leaders and of course Maccabi World Union’s President and Maccabi Germany’s leadership.  Prominent Israeli artists were the highlight of the artistic portion, and the Maccabi Bikers who rode from Israel to Berlin carrying the Games’ torch, made a grand entrance with it.Tomorrow will be our first day of competitions.  Eddy Lang will be hitting the pool first thing in the morning, and our basketball team will play against Germany at 4:15pm (German time).
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Day 1 European Maccabi Games

Airport (2)Team Canada has arrived at the Estrel, and we have all settled in nicely after a long day of travels.  We spent the rest of the day hanging out at the hotel, welcoming those who arrived later.  Tomorrow will be a long day of touring for the Juniors, followed by a holocaust memorial service for all EMG participants and the long awaited opening ceremonies.  You can find live streaming of the Opening Ceremonies HERE ,
July 28 at 8:00pm Europe time, 2:00pm Eastern time. Look for us and cheer!To see pictures from today click: EMG Day 1 album

July 26, 2015 Delegation Departure

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