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Berlin Maccabi Games called a triumph of Good over Evil  – CJN, Paul Lungen and Alex Davis, July 29, 2015
Canadian Delegation Marching in Opening Ceremonies -Video – Youtube, July 28, 2015
Jewish athletes proud to compete at European Maccabi Games in Berlin  – Toronto Sun, Mike Koreen, July 28, 2015
…and then we take Berlin – Jewish Free Press Calgary, July 16, 2015
Jeremy Freedman to be Canada’s flag bearer at the European Games in Berlin – Maccabi Canada, July 8, 2015
One Month Away to 14th European Maccabi Games – Maccabi Canada – July 9, 2015

Record-breaking Shabbat dinner at the European Maccabi Games is shared by 30 nations – Guinness World Records Rachel Swatman, August 5, 2015
European Maccabi Games breaks Guinness record for largest Shabbat Dinner  – i24News, Polina Garaev, August 1, 2015
Berlin’s European Maccabi Games Replete with Symbolism – Haaretz, JTA, July 31, 2015
CNN, James Masters, July 31, 2015
At Berlin’s European Maccabi Games, the past is ever-present – JTA, Hillel Kuttler, July 30, 2015
Jewish Olympics kick off in Berlin Stadium Hitler Built – i24News, Polina Garaev, July 29, 2015
Jewish Olympics’ kick off at the Berlin amphitheater Hitler built, – Times of Israel, Ilan Ben Zion, July 29, 2015
Berlin Nazi-built stadiums host Europe’s biggest Jewish sports event – The Guardian, Louise Osborne, July 28, 2015
Nazi-Built Stadiums Become Host To Major Jewish Sporting Event – Huffington Post, Antonia Blumberg, July 28, 2015
At Maccabi Games, Jewish Athletes Vie for Medals While Mindful of Past – New York Times, Melissa Eddy, July 27, 2015
Jewish Athletes to Gather in Berlin for European Maccabi Games, – Newsweek, Stav Ziv, July 26, 2015
Nazi-Built Venues for 1936 Berlin Olympics Host All-Jewish Games – NBC News, July 26, 2015
Maccabi Games to Take Place at Venues Built by Nazis – Haaretz, JTA and Toby Axelrod, July 24, 2015
Iconic Nazi-built Berlin stadium to host Maccabi games – David Rising – July 19, 2015