Sports Challenge

Are You Ready to Face The Challenge?
We are looking for team captains!

On Sunday September 14, teams of 10 athletes each will face each other in Maccabi Canada’s third annual Sport Challenge, where each team will consecutively play five sports: basketball, soccer, baseball, football and volleyball. Teams will be awarded 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 for a loss.  The top two teams will then face each other in a wild obstacle course to determine the overall challenge winner.

Most people can play one sport at a decent level.  Some people can play two, but five? it will be an intense competition!
The beauty of this event is in the even playing field created by the different sports, each team member may be good at one sport but not at another.  This disparity will allow any team to win and will create what is sure to be a demanding day leaving only the most dedicated as victor.

The event will take place at Camp Robin Hood in Markham and expected to be “edge of your seat” exciting.  The day will include a lunch for the participants and many surprise guests.

We are looking for Captains! If you feel up to the challenge and wish to put together a team of your buddies and lead them to winning this year’s challenge, please contact Michele and ask her for more information about becoming a Captain at the 2014 Sports Challenge.

To register to participate at the event click HERE.

To volunteer at the event click HERE.

Watch this exciting video from the 2012 Sports Challenge.