Maccabi Riders for Zareinu Moveathon

Creating strong partnerships in the local community with other leading organizations has been on Maccabi Canada’s agenda for the past few years, as can be seen in the successful Maccabi Canada Sports Day program where Maccabi has partnered with the Jewish Day Schools, touching kids across Canada.

Another meaningful relationship we formed is Maccabi’s participation in the Zareinu moveathon. Last Sunday, for the second year, the Maccabi riders joined the Zareinu ride and participated in the 100, 50 or 25K rides, riding alongside hundreds of riders who fundraised in support of children with special needs.

Through sports, and in this particular case through cycling, Zareinu has created a special program to help children overcome their challenges. Some of these children, riding their little bikes, were present at the event and participated in the family ride. Sasha Gollish, a 19th Maccabiah Gold Medal triathlete was there to send them off and to inspire them.

Maccabi’s goal was to help bring awareness to the ride and to encourage riders to join and support the cause by allowing them the opportunity to ride with leading Jewish riders such as Sasha and other Maccabiah cyclists. Ayal Rahat, an Israeli-Canadian who is a nationally ranked cyclist in Israel and represented Canada at the 19th Maccabiah, participated in the 100K route. Ayal who lives in Toronto was given the honour of presenting the Zareinu students with achievements medals at a very special and a very emotional award ceremony.

Representing the Maccabi Canada head office was Tali Dubrovsky, our National Executive Director who participated in the ride. At Maccabi Canada we are very proud and feel very fortunate to be a part of a united Jewish community. We thank Gavin Brauer from KindHuman for leading and coordinating the Maccabi Riders, and we are looking forward to riding for Zareinu again next spring.