Sports Day in the Jewish Day Schools, a Huge Success

As part of Maccabi Canada’s Community Outreach program and goal to engage our youth in leading a healthier lifestyle by being more active, Maccabi Athletes and Coaches did just that by leading this year’s Sports Day program in the Jewish Day Schools.

Through an interactive presentation, the Athletes and Coaches encouraged the students to participate in sports. The exciting day continues with Maccabi Alumni running sports clinics, demonstrating skills and sharing their athletic journey to competing in the Maccabiah Games.

Students in the senior division of the elementary schools had the opportunity to learn new skills in sports such as Cricket, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, and Volleyball.  Many students experience these sports for the first time but more importantly are inspired by Jewish role models who have worked diligently to becoming the best that they can be in their sport.
Whether it was Jewish sports trivia, checking out the athletes’ medals or batting a cricket ball for the first time, the spirit and engagement of the students was infectious.

The Sports Days left a positive impact on the students and gave the Maccabi athletes an opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community. Watch out we see future Maccabians on the horizon!

Thank you to all the schools, athletes and coaches who volunteered their time in making each of the sports days a wonderful experience for the students.  We thank Michele Bass and Meagan Newman, our outreach coordinator for making this program possible and for making sure the days ran as smoothly as they did.

To host a Sports Day at your school or organization, click here