The latest News from Maccabi World Union

A new quadrennial and new beginnings were the underlying theme of the 2014 Maccabi World Union congress and annual plenum meetings at Kfar haMaccabiah in Ramat Gan last month.

Leo-Dan Bensky from Finland, who was announced by constitutional succession in Dec 2013 as President of Maccabi World Union to complete the late Guiora Esrubilsky’s term in office, was elected as the President of MWU for the next quadrennial. We wish Leo much success in leading our great movement.

Returning in their previous roles are Yair Hamburger as Chairman of the movement and Amir Peled as Chairman of the 20th Maccabiah. Both Yair and Amir bring a wealth of knowledge and experience which will enhance and enrich the Maccabiah Games and the Maccabi movement as a whole.  It was clear during the meetings that while still remembering the exhilaration of the success of the 19th Maccabiah, the International leadership is ready to build on past experiences, and put its best people and concentrated efforts towards making the 2017 Games even better.

This year’s plenum was well attended by Maccabi leaders from over 30 countries, including the Maccabi Young Leadership, a movement within Maccabi that encourages young leaders from around the world to get involved and become a part of Maccabi.  These exceptional young men and women represent the future of the organization, and what a bright future it seems.  As always, Canada was well represented and contributed valuable feedback and insight to the different discussions that took place.  I want to thank Tommy Bacher our President, Alex Brainis our Executive Vice President and Bill Izso our Secretary for taking part in this plenum and attending the different meetings on behalf of Canada.

One of the most anticipated sessions at the plenum was of course the presentations by Dr. Oren Osterer and Alvaro Rosenblut about the European Maccabi Games taking place in Berlin in July of 2015, and the Pan American Maccabi Games taking place in Santiago in December of 2015.  Both organizing committees are promising an exceptional Jewish experience including athletic, social and educational components.  Maccabi Canada is hoping to be represented in both Regional Games.Visit our website and social media where we will post information as soon as it becomes available, later this summer.