Victory in dramatic style at the Maccabi Bowl IV

maccabibowlivgamepicMaccabi Bowl history was made again as Team Jonahs took home their first championship in dramatic style, closing out a come-from-behind victory on the last play of the game. Having lost in the finals at Maccabi Bowl III, Team Jonahs trailed for the majority of the game, but the brothers Jonah and Max Eisenberg connected twice on the final drive, including for the game-winning score to guarantee the win.
Watch the winning Touchdown pass

The annual tournament, hosted at Hampstead Park, brings together young adults from across Montreal for an afternoon of flag football benefiting Maccabi Canada and the Donald Berman Chai Lifeline Organization.

Maccabi Canada would like to thank the Town of Hampstead, Ice and TCBY for sponsoring this year’s event. Maccabi Bowl V will take place on August 27, 2017!

The Donald Berman Chai Lifeline Organization:

For over two years, Maccabi Canada’s Quebec Region and the Donald Berman Chai Lifeline organization have enjoyed a great partnership, bringing together the best of both organizations for the betterment of Quebec’s youth. Highlighted by the annual Maccabi Bowl football tournament, whereas the organizations split the proceeds as well as families receiving support from the Donald Berman Chai Lifeline organization enjoy a wonderful afternoon in Hampstead Park with their children, the two organizations make every effort to involve each other in their programming.

Other initiatives include visits from Maccabi alumni to the children at the Chai Lifeline offices, the involvement of Chai Lifeline families in the annual Maccabi Sports Day program as well as the collaboration for a number of other themed events and outings throughout the year. Both organizations are working together to bring children supported by the Donald Berman Chai Lifeline organization to Israel for the 20th Maccabiah Games in July, 2017.