Canada Attends the Future Leaders Forum in London

The European Maccabi Confederation welcomed young adults from around the world to participate in their 4-day Future Leaders Forum (FLF) seminar held in London, UK Nov 6-9, 2014.The seminar was attended by 90 young Jewish leaders representing 27 countries including 4 representatives from Canada, Kayla Bacher, Michael Bacher, Alexandra Izso and Adam Paulin.

The event revolved around connecting Jewish youth to share ideas and engage in personal and professional development workshops. Speakers included high-level personnel from Google and Uber, tech start-up founders, and Middle East political experts.

“For me personally, it was not only a very rewarding experience due to the high quality of the speakers and workshops, but very interesting to meet Jews from all across Europe, many of whom come from extremely small Jewish communities” expressed Michael Bacher.  “All in all, the event was a huge success and provided an opportunity to grow personally and professionally while making bonds with Jewish community members all over the world” he added.

The FLF members are young leaders who want to make a difference in the Jewish community in their country, involve more young people in Maccabi, integrate Israel in its activities and meet and cooperate with other young Jewish people from all around Europe.