Sports Information

Sports for the 21st Maccabiah Games, Israel 2022

Maccabi Canada is considering participation in the following sports. All sports and categories listed are tentative as of September 2019, and may be subject to change or cancellation. Other sports, not listed here, may be added.

If a sport does not meet the following criteria the sport will be cancelled.

  1. Minimum number of countries required to hold a tournament (4 countries)
  2. Minimum number of athletes to support a team from Canada

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Age CategoriesStandards / Qualifications by sport  
SportJunior Boys
Junior Girls
Open MenOpen WomenMasters MenMasters Women

U16 2006-2007

U18 2004-2005


U16 2006-2007

U18 2004-2005


Category 45+

Beach Volleyball  checkcheck  
Cycling  checkcheck  
Football (Soccer)check

U16 2006-2007

U18 2004-2005


U16 2006-2007

U18 2004-2005


Category 35+


Category 50+


Category 50+

Artistic Gymnastics
Rhythmic Gymnastics




Half Marathon, 10K  checkcheck  
Ice Hockeycheckcheckcheckcheckcheck

Category 40+

Maccabi man/woman  checkcheck  
Rowing  checkcheck  
Rugby  check   
Softball checkcheckcheckcheck 

Category 35+





Table Tennischeckcheckcheckcheckcheck 
Taekwondo  checkcheck  
Track & Fieldcheckcheckcheckcheck  
Water Polo  check   
Wrestlingcheck check   

Age Categories

There are three age categories at the Games: Junior, Open and Masters. In all categories athletes can play-up (i.e. play in an older age category) but cannot play down. Some sports are only offered in the Open category, in these cases Junior and Masters age athletes who wish to compete in these sports and qualify, are included in the Open competition.

Junior – Juniors are athletes 18 years of age and under as of December 31, 2022 (birth years for junior athletes for the 21st Maccabiah Games for most sports are athletes born between 2004-2007 or later). The minimum age to participate in the Games is 15 years old for most sports. In some sports such as Gymnastics and Swimming, and in some cases such as exceptionally talented athletes, an exception can be made to allow younger athletes to compete. The decision to allow a younger athlete to participate in the Games is at the discretion of Maccabi Canada, and must be approved by the organizing committee. Some Junior age athletes may be selected to play on an Open team *.

Junior Category is divided into two age divisions for most team sports**:
U16 – athletes born between 2006-2007 or later
U18 – athletes born between 2004-2005

**Swim team:

Boys: born between 2006-2008
Girls: Born between 2006-2009

**Gymnastics team:

Boys: born between 2004-2007
Girls born between 2007-2009

**Rhythmic Gymnastics female athletes born between 2007-2009

Open – The Open competition is the main event at the Games. Open athletes are 19 years and older at the time of the Games. This age category is for high level athletes who have qualified to make the teams. Generally, the Open category consists of athletes who are in their 20’s and in some cases may include talented Junior and Masters age athletes.

Masters – Masters athletes are 35 years and older at the Games (Hockey Masters are 40+, Golf masters are 50+). Within the Masters tournament many sports are divided into sub-categories based on age. Masters athletes may enjoy some privileges not offered to Open and Junior athletes such as making their own travel and accommodation arrangements. Some Masters age athletes may qualify and be selected to play on an Open team*.

* Junior and Masters age athletes who have qualified and been selected to participate in an Open sport are considered Open athletes and will be governed by the Open policies.

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