Sports Day Volunteer

Sports Day Volunteer

The Sports Day Volunteer program is a unique opportunity for an athlete or coach to represent Maccabi Canada and their sport in a school or organization and become a role model for future Maccabians. Maccabi Canada invites you to create the “Maccabi Dream” for the next generation of Jewish Canadian Athletes. Maccabi Canada is offering a Sports Days to schools and/or organizations in your city. Our objective is to represent Maccabi Canada to the Jewish community and educate Jewish Canadian youth on the importance of being active, living a healthy lifestyle, learn sports skills and have fun. This is a unique opportunity for you to become an ambassador for Maccabi Canada and your sport while becoming a role model for future Maccabians. The Sports Day is a ½ day program that includes:

  • An introduction to who Maccabi Canada is and a short narrative of an athlete’s journey to representing Jewish Canadian athletes in Israel.
  • Presentation on the benefits of being active and living a healthy lifestyle
  • 3-sport clinic style rotations of 30 minutes each with the support of teachers
  • Your participation hours may go towards your volunteer school requirements.

For more information and to become a volunteer, click here.

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