Staff Roles

Staff Roles for the 2025 Maccabiah Games

Team staff interviews will be held in March (head coaches, team managers and chaperones). Interviews for other roles will be held later in 2024.

Please review the staff positions available on the Canadian team for the July 2025  Maccabiah Games in Israel. When ready please submit your application HERE

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact Ashley Kochman, our National Athletic Director at


Team Manager

The goal of the Team Manager is to ensure the smooth operation and compliance of their assigned team as well as the well-being and safety of their athletes.

The Team Manager is responsible for one specific team, or in some cases a number of athletes competing in an individual sport. They work closely with the Head Coach to ensure the scheduling and smooth operation of all aspects relating to athlete identification and recruitment, training, competing and well-being. As the head of logistics for the team, the Team Manager is responsible for enforcing and executing all guidelines, timelines and policies set by the Maccabi Canada head office, including athlete registration, payment schedule, competition uniform, communication and information distribution.

During the Games this role includes age appropriate supervision and management of the athletes, assisting the coach before, during and after competition in ensuring that all logistical needs are being met for the team.

A Team Manager does not need to have coaching experience, but must be familiar with all aspects of the sports they are applying to manage.

Head Coach 

The goal of the Head Coach is to guide and lead their athletes, providing their expertise in order to achieve sports excellence and the best obtainable outcome for their team.

The Head Coach is responsible for one specific team or in some cases one specific sport. They work closely with the Team Manager to identify and recruit high level athletes in their sport. It is the coach’s responsibility to plan, attend and execute all tryouts and training camps.

A Head Coach needs to have extensive coaching experience in the sport they are applying to coach.


  • Athlete Identification and Selection Responsibilities: Responsible for identification of all eligible athletes, nationally, with the potential of being selected for and participating in your sport. Be available to travel, as required, for the purposes of recruitment.
  • Tryouts: It is the coach’s responsibility to help designate regional and national tryout dates and attend all tryouts to observe and evaluate all potential team members.
  •  Registration: Once teams are selected, it is the coach’s responsibility to ensure that   selected athletes complete their registration in accordance with all timelines.
  • Fundraising: Assisting in fund raising efforts of the team
  • During the Games, the Head Coach is required to attend the coaches’ technical meetings and, if necessary, any meetings relating to athletic participation, security, medical access, and any other issues as required by the Maccabi Organizing Committee and Maccabi Canada.


Chaperone – Junior Delegation

The goal of the chaperone is to assist the Head Coach and/or Manager in providing supervision and ensuring the smooth operation as well as safety and well-being of the junior delegation.

All chaperones will be responsible for supervising junior athletes between the ages of 13 and 18. Each chaperone will be assigned one specific junior team or a number of individual junior athletes and will be responsible for escorting their team/athletes to training, competition, events, and in coordination with the Head Coach and/or Manager, will ensure athletes are on time for all activities.

The chaperone will support and participate in all social and cultural aspects of the Maccabiah Games.


The goal of the Communications Team is to share the Maccabi Canada experience with all of our athletes and supporters – both in Israel and in Canada.

A Communications team member will be responsible for providing coverage of Team Canada’s progress and activities before the Games. This may include reporting on try-outs and training camps, taking pictures, researching potential and selected athletes and posting to social media.

During the Games a Communications team member will act as a “one-person” media team, attending Team Canada’s events, reporting on their achievements, taking pictures and posting to social media.

A Communications team member must have a valid driver’s license and must be able to drive in Israel.


The goal of the Medical Team is to provide adequate health care for all Canadian delegation members and to ensure their health and safety at all times.

Medical and therapy coverage is required at all Team Canada practices and competitions. Medical staff is responsible for assessing and treating athletes in order to ensure their well-being and determine safe and timely return to play.

During the Games, each Medical team member will be assigned to a number of teams within a sport, or a specific region, and will provide athletes with treatments such as pre-practice and pre-game taping and wrapping, first response intervention, first aid to injuries occurring during competition, and if required follow up treatment and/or escorting athletes to the hospital.

In addition, all medical staff will be assigned time for clinical work during the Games.

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