Adopt An Athlete Program

Adopt An Athlete Program and Fund Allocation Policy

Maccabi Canada has established the “Adopt an Athlete” program, whereby Maccabi Canada is actively raising funds to ensure that every qualified Canadian athlete is able to participate and compete at the Maccabiah in Israel. A sponsor can adopt an athlete, a team, a sport or a region and help continue to send the best athletes to the Maccabiah Games.

Sponsorship rate is based on the cost per athlete (X) times the number of athletes on a particular team. For example: the cost to sponsor a 10 athlete Open basketball team will be 10X.

Twelve (12) percent of the total sum of each donation is allocated to Maccabi Canada.

Each athlete on a sponsored team is responsible to contribute a minimum of thirty (30) percent of the cost to participate in the Games.  This money could be paid directly by the athlete or raised through additional fundraising (beyond the team sponsor).

Fund distribution for a team sponsorship
Funds donated towards a specific Adopt an Athlete program will be prioritized and allocated as follows:

  • Twelve (12) percent to Maccabi Canada
  • Amount required to reduce the cost of each athlete to the advertised participation fee.
  • Surplus funds will be directed to:
    • Amount required to reduce the cost for each athlete to a minimum 30 percent participation fee.
  • Surplus funds will be directed to:
    • Subsidize athletes who cannot afford the minimum 30 percent required and apply for financial support.
  • Surplus funds will be directed to:
    • Support non-sponsored teams

For Example:

In the 2013 19th Maccabiah, Maccabi Canada’s cost per athlete was $9,600 dollars.
The advertised participation fee for Open and Junior athletes was $8,300 dollars.

A $100,000 sponsorship towards the 19th Maccabiah 10-player Open Basketball team would have been allocated as follows:

$100,000 total amount donated by a sponsor to a team

less: $12,000 to Maccabi Canada (12% x $100,000)

less: $13,000 ([actual cost of $9600 – advertised cost $8,300] x10 athletes in the team)

less: $54,200  the amount required to further reduce the cost to $2,880  (8300-[$9,600 x 30%] x10 athletes)

= $20,800 is available for athletes from the Open Basketball team who wish to apply for financial assistance to reach the required 30 percent

Surplus funds will be applied towards assisting athletes on non-sponsored teams as per Maccabi Canada’s discretion

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