Maccabi Girl Inaugural Event

On September 14th, the lack of sun and cold temperatures outside did not affect the 20 girls, between the ages of 9-15, beaming with warmth as they gathered at Camp Robin Hood to celebrate being a girl and an athlete, at the inaugural Maccabi Girl event.

The Maccabi Girl program engages, empowers, builds confidence and inspires young girls to join or stay in sports. Maccabi Girl welcomes girls who have their sights on being an elite athlete or just want to be active and have fun. The program provides leadership to encourage girls to live a healthy lifestyle and achieve their athletic potential.

The event was hosted by Maccabi Canada in conjunction with Fast and Female. Fast and Female is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower girls through sport. Fast and Female’s viMaccabi Girl Teamsion is to deliver inspiring, innovative, and high impact programming for the positive personal and athletic development of young female athletes involved in an array of sports. Fast and Female hopes that one day, all girls will have positive and empowering experiences in sports as a foundation for success in life. Sasha Gollish, an ambassador with Fast and Female, adds.

Ashley Kochman and Sasha Gollish, two accomplished Maccabi Athletes at the 19th Maccabiah Games and Keren Winer, Registered Physiotherapist and Head Therapist for the 2013 Canadian delegation, delivered inspirational presentations to the Maccabi Girls, parents and coaches. Each of the presenters drew on their experience, athletic journey and success to inspire and motivate our Maccabi Girls.

The day was filled with activities that were fun and inspirational. The day started off with a group ice breaker allowing the girls to get to know each other. Sasha Gollish sums it up: Maccabi Girl 5“From an obstacle course, to a Zumba-style dance session, and finishing with some active Yoga, all of the girls had a great day learning from each other. While we may have come from a variety of athletic backgrounds, we all agreed that we are all athletes. From dance to soccer, gymnastics to basketball, all of the girls had something to share about their athletic experience with the others.”

With the 20th Maccabi Games on the horizon we want to inspire the next generation of female athletes to engage, stay and compete in sports, be active and lead a healthy lifestyle.