European Maccabi Games

European Maccabi Games

Every four years, Maccabi World Union organizes the European Maccabi Games held in Europe. The mission of the European Maccabi Games is to perpetuate and preserve the European Jewish community through athletic competition.

Prague hosted the first ever European Maccabi Games in 1929, followed by Antwerp a year later. After a 30 year hiatus, the Jewish games finally returned to European soil as Copenhagen hosted the 1959 competition. The choice of the Austrian capital as the host city of 2011 was highly symbolic as it is the first time since World War II that Jewish athletes from all over Europe competed on the territory of the former German Reich.

The European Maccabi Games offer a unique opportunity to share in the excitement and spirit of an international Maccabi competition with Jewish athletes from Europe, North America, Australia, Israel and other countries throughout the Diaspora.

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