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Maccabi Canada Elite Athlete Campaign

Maccabi Canada is actively raising money to help fund the participation for Elite Athletes.  Availability of funds is subject to the success of our campaign.  There is no guarantee that any funds will be available to any athlete.

The Maccabi Canada Elite Athlete Grant is accepting applications from athletes who have competed in an age category of 19+ or older in their respective sport. For more information on the criteria, qualifications and to apply for Maccabi Canada’s Elite Athlete subsidy, click HERE

To be considered all athletes applicants must be up to date on all their payments*.  All applications must be submitted by March 15th, 2022. 


Maccabi Canada’s Grant for JUNIOR & Open Athletes

The cost to send a Junior & Open athlete to the Maccabiah Games is $14,350. This cost includes flights, accommodations, competition, and any other expenses related to the 6-day Azrieli Israel Experience and the two weeks of the Games.

Thanks to the generosity of Maccabi Canada’s donors led by the Azrieli Foundation and the Scheinberg family, Maccabi Canada is able to completely fund the Azrieli Israel Experience, and subsidize the cost of games participation for the Junior delegation by $4,000 per athlete.

Maccabi Canada continues with its ongoing fundraising efforts in order to provide additional financial assistance for those in need.  We are now accepting applications for financial aid for the 2022 Maccabiah Games.

Maccabi Canada does not guarantee funding for applicants. We urge you to make any effort to fundraise on your own in addition to submitting the financial assistance application.

Deadline for submitting your application is April 15th, 2022.

  • Junior Athletes apply HERE
  • Open Athletes apply HERE


Maccabi World Union Elite Athlete Subsidies

To encourage the participation of elite athletes in the 21st Maccabiah, Maccabi World Union would like to present the criteria for incentives or subsidies for Elite Athletes in Open and Junior Categories:

A> Elite Open athletes - prioritized and incentives Criteria:

In order to encourage the participation of Open elite athletes in the 21st Maccabiah, the ISC and the Sports Department will use the following prioritized and incentives criteria:

Preference shall be given to the following Sports disciplines:

  1. Sports with Measurable Results: Track & Field; Swimming;
  2. Combat/Contact/Martial Sports: Taekwondo; Judo; Karate; Fencing;
  3. Tennis/Table Tennis
  4. Team sports: Basketball; Beach Volleyball; Futsal, Football; Rugby; Volleyball; Field Hockey; Ice Hockey; Water Polo;

Incentive categories:
Measurable Results:

  • AI - Finalists in 2021/2022 Olympics, World Championships; Athletes ranked worldwide in the top 20: No Accreditation Fees +
  • AII - Participants in 2021/2022 Olympics or World Championships and passed at least the first round of the competition; Athletes ranked Worldwide 21 - 50 during 2021/2022: No Accreditation Fees
  • AIIl - Participants in 2021/2022 International Championships or other major world events and passed at least the first round of the competition: 50% Accreditation Fee reduction.

Combat/Contact/Martial Sports:

  • Categories I, II & III as listed above for Category A


  • Players ranked in the ATP Top 100 as listed above for Category AI

Team Sports: Athletes who played at least 3 games for their national teams:

  • DI - Players from national teams rated 1 - 15 worldwide: as Category AI
  • DII - Players from national teams rated 16 - 30 worldwide: as Category AII
  • DIII - Players from national teams rated 31 - 45 worldwide: as Category AIII

Deadline to submit requests: March 1st (by email) to Ashley Kochman at

B> Elite junior athletes - Subsidies Criteria:

In order to promote and encourage the participation of elite junior athletes in the 21st Maccabiah, subsidies will be awarded as follows:

  • Athletes who finished in the top thirty (30) in an International Championship within two years immediately prior to the Maccabiah will have their Accreditation Fee waived.
  • Athletes who have represented their country in a significant International Sports Event and passed at least the first round within two years prior to the Maccabiah will have 50% of their Accreditation Fee waived (to be determined by the ISC Chairman in conjunction with the Sports Department).

Deadline to submit requests: March 1st (by email) to Ashley Kochman at

For each incentive or subsidies application, please indicate the relevant achievements of the athletes, according to the sections above.

Additionally, please inform us of elite athletes from your delegation who have achieved Special achievements in 2021/2022 Olympics or world competitions in the past year.



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